Orbitone Catalogue

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Destruction Nkengas OT 005 (Afro Funk)
The Loving Moods Tim Chandell OLP 011
Together Again Tim Chandell & Ornell Hinds OLP 020
With Love From Me To You Tim Chandell OLP 018
Dedicated Friends Various Artist RE-CD-08
Nice To Have You Back Again Joyce Bond RE-CD-06
My Happiness Donna RE-CD-12
Memories Dimples SPCD 13
Swinging Jazz Sonny All Stars SPI-LP-02
Mr Destiny Paul Jackson SPCD-11
Sweet Melody Johnny Hope OLP 021
Soul and Sax Mike Rose OLP 025
New Album Release for 2015 – Compilation (available soon on download)
The Best of Orbitone Records Vol.1
Compiled by Sonny Roberts
Buena Sera – Rocky Campbell
Spanish Eyes – Paul Jackson
Break Through – Spiking
Going Back – Take Five
Gipsy Love – Belinda Parker
Tell Them – Roy Alton
Take Me Back – Hot Syndicate
My Mistake – Roy Alton
My Mother’s Eye – Martin Dobson
Back Catalogue – Reggae Albums on vinyl(available soon on download)
A Soulful Peter King Peter King OLP 012
You Gonna Hurt Me So Tim Chandell OLP 014
Moods Peter King OLP 016
Precious Moments Dwayne Ellis DLP 017
Tracks For Lovers Various Artist OLP 019
Mr & Mrs Untrue Tim Chandell OLP 022
You’ve Got To Try Belinda & Tony OLP 023
Can’t Be With You Tonight Judy Boucher OLP 024
From My Heart Reuben Richards OLP 027
You Made Me A Winner Paul Jackson OLP 029
I Still Love You Martell Robinson OLP 30
You Touched My Heart Joyce Bond OLP 31
Lovers Choice Vol. 1 Various Artist OLP 32
Call Me Joyce Bond OLP 33
Born Jamaican The Astronaughts TBLP 02
Back Catalogue – Soca Albums on vinyl (available soon on download)
Carnival In Ladbroke Grove Roy Alton SBLP 01
Mass In The Grove Roy Alton SBLP 02
Sweating Soca Roy Alton SBLP 03
Marabunta The Orbitone Horn Section SBLP 04
Jump With Me LPR OLP 009
Back Catalogue – African Albums on vinyl (available soon on download)
Nkengas In London Nkengas OT 006
Milliki Sound Peter King OT LP007
Omo Lewa Peter King OLP 010
Back Catalogue – Gospel Albums on vinyl(available soon on
Voice Of The Children Of God Vol. 1 Various Artist BLLP 01
Voice Of The Children Of God Vol. 2 Various Artist BLLP 02
Voice Of The Children Of God Vol. 3 Various Artist BLLP 03
Gospel Song Martel Robinson BLLP 04
Time Will Tell Aldin Young BLLP 05
Back Catalogue – 12″ Soca on vinyl (available soon on download)
Iron Lady Roy Alton SBD 07
Leggo Leggo Roy Alton SBD 10
Sugar Bum Bum Lord Kitchener SBD 12
Soca Magic Pat Bossbone & The Orbitione Sound SBD 14
Soca Medley Tony Dee & Belinda Parker SBD 15
Gipsy Love Belinda Parker SBD 16
Tell Them Roy Alton SBD 17
Gi Mi More Chevi SBD 18
A Little Love Babs Stewart SBD 19
The Break Belinda Parker SBD 20
Rosalie Chevi SBD 21
Belong To The Wild Tony Dee SBD 22
Darling Cool It Asterisks SBD 26
Olga J. Stanisclaus SBD 27
Soca Up the Party Mighty Swallow SBD 28
The Storm Shadow SBD 29
You Keep Me Hanging On Norma White SBD 31
Little Miss Hard To Get Pat Bossbone SBD 32
Dance To The Music Tony Dee SBD 33
It Hurts So Good Babs Stewart SBD 34
Girl I Love You Roy Alton SBD 35
Party Ting Tyrone O’Flaherty SBD 36
Lorraine Explainer SBD 37
Red Red Wine Belinda Parker SBD 38
Don’t Gamble With Love Roy Alton SBD 39
My Mistake Roy Alton SBD 40
Mr D.J Chevi SBD 46
Please Don’t Go Otis Thompson SBD 47
We Shall Overcome Roy Alton SBD 48
You Safe Fabulous Five SBD 49
Stay Alive Roy Alton SBD 50
Soca Lover Sammy Watts SBD 51
Kuchi Gadbad Hai Kanchan SBD 52
Soca Lover Sammy Watts SBD 53
Turn Me Loose Sammy Watts SBD 54
Party Man Roy Alton SBD 55
Bye Bye Girl The Astronaughts TBD 01
Pretty Island The Astronaughts TBD 02
Darling Jamaica The Astronaughts TBD 06
Back Catalogue – 12″ Soft Reggae on vinyl(available soon on download)
Let The Dollar Circulate The Mighty Diamonds & Trinity TBD 03
Rope In The Astronaughts TBD 04
With A Love Song Jimmy Sinclair TBD 05
Could I Have This Dance Angela Stewart TBD 07
I’ve Got To Go Kotch TBD 08
Just Like A Sea David Issacs CR 101
Getting Stronger Dudley Campbell CRD 103
Baptism Dudley Campbell CRD 108
Piece Of My Heart Susan Cadogan CRD 109
Father Beg You Pardon Rocky Campbell CRD 10
How Can I Love Again Sharon Dixon CRD 11
Sometimes When We Touch Dandy Livingstone CRD 12
I Want You Remy Martin CRD 14
Oh What A Smile Can Do Tim Chandell DORB 1
Confidential Dimples DORB 2
There Will Come Love Tim & Nell DORB 3
True Love Tim Chandell DORB 4
Weekend Serenade Johnny Hope DORB 5
Here I Am Baby Babs Stewart DORB 6
How Can I Love Again O.C Miller DORB 7
Waiting For You Berrjax & E Browne DORB 8
This Love Of Mine Orbitone Allstars DORB 9
Dreaming Of A Little Island Judy Boucher DORB 10
Because I’m A Woman Carlene Davis DORB 11
Tears From My Eyes Joyce Bond DORB 13
Lovely Paradise Judy Boucher DORB 14
Tell Me When Johnny Orlando DORB 15
My Heart Is Yearning Judy Boucher DORB16
She’s My Pre-release Rudy Thomas DORB 17
Can’t Be With You Tonight Judy Boucher OR12 21
You Caught My Eye Judy Boucher OR12 22
Let’s Give Love A Try Johnny Orlando OR12 18
I Found Love Reuben Richards OR12 19
Christmas Blues Ezeke OR12 20
Tear From My Eyes Joyce Bond OR12 23
Can’t Stand Losing You Paul Jackson OR12 24
Me A No Boopsie Juliet Nelson OR12 25
I’ll Choose You Reuben Richards OR12 26
A Woman In Love Juliet Nelson OR12 27
Nothing Can Stop Me Loving You Joyce Bond OR12 28
You Made Me A Winner Paul Jackson OR12 29
I Still Love You Martell Robinson OR12 30
Beautiful Feeling Dimples OR12 31
It Burns Inside Johnny Orlando OR12 32
How Sweet It Is Joyce Bond OR12 34
Limbo Like Me Roy Reynolds OR12 35
Do The Teasy Joyce Bond OR12 36
Spanish Eyes Paul Jackson OR12 37
Say You’ll Wait For Me Paul Jackson OR12 37
My Mothers Eyes Martin Dobson OR12 39
Since I Met You Baby Joyce Bond OR12 41
Completely Johnny Orlando OR12 42
So Special Johnny Orlando OR12 43
What A Wonderful World Jackie Edwards OR12 44
Back Catalogue – 12″ Pop Music on vinyl(available soon on download)
Alll Day (Pop) Robin Barker OR12 33
Pollution (House) Orbitone Allstars OR12 40
Back Catalogue – 7″ Reggae on vinyl(available soon on download)
Lonesome Road Bunny Lynch HI 001
Vaya Con Dios The Vaughns TAK 007
Jack Jones Roy Hamilton & Nkengas OT 009
Teddy Davis Tears From My Eyes OT 0010
Let The Heartaches Begin Raymondo OT 011
Take Me In Baby The Vaughns OT 012
Mr Destiny Teddy Davis OT 014
How Can I Leave You Raymondo OT 015
All Alone Teddy Davis OT 016
Watch The Moon Raymondo OT 017
Sweet Little Rose Tim Chandell OT 019
Togetherness Teddy Davis OT 0020
Christmas Time Tim Chandell OT 021
My Love Tim Chandell OT 022
The Vow Nell & Tim OT 024
Oh What A Smile Can Do Tim Chandell ORB 01
Burning Love Tim Chandell ORB 02
This Is Love Dudley Campbell ORB 03
True Love Tim Chandell ORB 04
Keep Me Tim Chandell ORB 05
I Love You Lorna Stuart ORB 06